Sunsites Community Library

Sunsites Community Library

Internet and Wireless Use Policy

Cochise County Library District offers public access to the Internet as an integral part of information services. The library has no control over information available through the Internet and is not responsible for the quality, accuracy, authority, or timeliness of the content; the use of information found on the Internet by members of the public; or any harm resulting from use of the Internet, including but not limited to loss of privacy, damages, or loss of information.

Guidelines for Usage:

  • The Library District uses blocking or filtering software to meet the requirements of ARS §34-501 and 34-502 and the Children's Internet Protection Act (Public Law 106-554, December 21, 2000) by blocking access to inappropriate matter on the Internet. If a patron wishes to access a site that is blocked by filtering software, that patron may request library staff to unblock the site.
  • Children 17 and under must have a signed parental permission slip on file before using the library's computers for Internet access to any source other than the library's catalog or subscription databases.

    The Library District is concerned that children have a safe and enriching Internet experience. We provide links to child-friendly sites on our website ( as well as both printed and online guidance for parents. Library staff and volunteers make reasonable efforts to assist users of all ages who are in search of information or learning how to use computers.

    As with other library materials, it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians, not the library, to restrict their children's access to online materials that are harmful to minors as defined in ARS 13-3501 (1). Parents should accompany young children to the library and establish rules and expectations for older children that are in accord with family values.
  • Users are held responsible for their actions while using library computers to access the Internet. Unethical or illegal use of computer resources is prohibited, including, but not limited to the following:
    • using the computer to gain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to other computers or computer systems;
    • using the network for any illegal activity, including violation of copyrights, trademarks, distribution of stolen property, or violation of other contracts;
    • modification or destruction of or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the library (ARS 13-2316) or attempting such action;
    • public display of explicit sexual materials (ARS 13-3501, 13-3506, 13-3507, 13-3508);

Wireless Internet Use Policy

Guidelines for Usage:

The library does not filter the content of wireless Internet access. The library is not responsible for the content, accuracy or availability of any external sites.

Parents or guardians, not the library or its staff, are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children. Parents may wish to supervise their children's Internet sessions or purchase filtering software for their computer.

Wireless connections are not secure. Users should not transmit credit card information, passwords or any other sensitive personal or business information over the library's wireless network. Anti-virus and security protection are the responsibility of the patron.

The library is not responsible for any loss of data, or for theft or damage to personal equipment or software.

Library staff cannot provide technical assistance on using the library's wireless network. Users should refer to their owner's manuals or other support services offered by their device manufacturer.

There is no guarantee that a wireless connection can be made or maintained.

The library assumes no responsibility for any alterations or interference with a computing device's configurations, operation or data files resulting from connection to the wireless network.

The library reserves the right to terminate a wireless Internet session at any time.

Approved by Board of Supervisors, January 25, 2011.