Myrtle Kraft Library

Myrtle Kraft Library

Library History

The Portal Library was founded in 1978 by Myrtle Kraft, with the assistance of other volunteers, using the old school house owned by San Simon School District #18. The library became a branch of Cochise County Library District in 1980.

Over the years, a dedicated group of volunteers kept the library open under Mrs. Kraft's leadership. The library has been a community gathering place, the staging area for parades and celebrations, and the site of hundreds of meetings, classes, discussion groups, and award-winning summer series called "Library for Kids."

When Mrs. Kraft retired in 1995, the community decided to honor her by naming the library in her honor. Recently, the Myrtle Kraft Library celebrated the installation of a public restroom, generously provided by San Simon School District. Dedicated volunteers continue to staff the desk and do the behind-the-scenes work, under the direction of the Branch Coordinator.

Cochise County Library District provides training and support for the volunteers as well as books and other library materials, supplies, equipment, interlibrary loan service, and access to the countywide online library system.